Have You Ever Wanted To Run A Series Of Photos Automatically To Make A Point?


A slide show might be just what you're looking for. Slide shows can be an effective method of presenting several different images without having to use text to explain them. Slide shows can be created using several different software programs. I prefer using animated .gif files for simple image display, a web photo album for displaying photos and a flash movie more complicated displays.

In most cases I don't recommend using slide shows, photo albums or flash movies on business websites. Although, using a slide show on a "brochure" business site makes good sense. What's a brochure site, you say? A business website that's sole purpose is to show off the products or workmanship of a business. Painter's (both house and portrait), home re-modelers, landscapers, seamstresses, etc. need brochure sites. I used the slide show below on the home page of a pizzeria website.

Pizzeria slide-show

Slide shows are an excellent way for them to rotate several images in a minimum amount of space. Picture several beautiful lawns changing slowly on the home page of a local landscaper. Do you think it will help convince visitors to give him a call to discuss what he can do for them? You know it will.

Slide shows are perfect for clubs and other certain other organizations. The two samples below are used on a motorcycle club website. Using the slide show gives the visitor a "feel" for the club members and their activities.

The slide above show appears on the home page of a motorcycle club website. Because several of the photos are different sizes, an opaque background is used to blend into the page. Since this is an animated .gif file, no browser plug-ins are required to view it and the file downloads very quickly. Click here to view the actual website.

This slide show is used on the same motorcycle club's newsletter index page. It could be used as a button and have a hyperlink added, but they aren't using it that way.


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