A Logo Defines Your Company, It's Your "Brand" And Therefore One Of The Most Important Things You Create For Your Company.


Here's what Satisfied Customers Have to say:

"I just gave them a rough pencil sketch and they turned it into what I wanted. They even did it in several color combinations for me to choose from." Bernadette., owner, Bern's Crop Shop.

"I'm really happy with my little guy, Herbie "Turbo-Snail", that Donna created for my business. I am especially pleased with the animated logo I use on my website."
Adam , owner, Turbo-Snail, LLC.

"I really like what you have done. I love what you did with tha image I gave you. Everything looks great."
Maggy , owner, Soloadsonly.com.

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When we design your logo, we can start from scratch or modify an existing design or take your rough pencil drawings and turn it into a finished product.We will give you two copies of your logo, one optimized for the web in a .gif or .jpeg format to be used on line or in electronic media and a second copy in the .ai format which can be opened by the software used by most commercial printers or, if you know the format your printer needs, we will provide that one if possible.

We also can create animated logos for an additional fee. I only recommend that you use the .gif format for animation on your business website because it doesn't require any browser plug-ins to work and can download fairly quickly.

Static Business Logos

turbo-snail logo
TNT Logo
Dutch Family Diner
Tai Pai Chinese Restaurant A Home Away From Home
Bern's Crop Shop

Web Site Header Graphics

GABA Enterprises
Home Remodeling Company

Self Help Website

Online Tutoring Business


Kennel and Pet Gromming

Chinese Restaurant


DPW Enterprises Copywriting Service
My Copywriting Service

Organic Farm

VoIP Information Site
Adsense Website

Meat Processing Plant

The Knowledge Nook
Information Website

Boy Scout Troop

Company Intranet

Header for a freelance trainer

Footer for the intranet page above
Alternative Fuel Center
Adsense Website

College Staff Website

Book Store
Book Store

Jewelry Store
Jewelry Store

DPW Enterprises
My Main Company

Online Retail Store

Online Retail Store
Do It Yourself Ideas
Adsense Website

Alumni Association Website
My Increase Newsletter
Online Newsletter

Departmental Website
Outdoor Livinf Store
Online Store

Newsletter Header

Online Retail Store
Departmental Website
Baby Store
Baby Shop
Christmas Store
Christmas Store
Be A Cancer FirendCharitable Organization
Camera Store
Camera Shop

Tool & Hardware Store
Hardware Store

Online Directory
Small business Resource center
Information Website

Logo for a Project

Mikes Floor & Tile
Home Remodeling Store

Gourmet Food Store
Gourmet Foods

Departmental Website

Hair Salon
Ecommerce Reference Desk - site not active
Information Website
Ride Reads
Newsletter Feature


Animated Logos / Headers

Animation effects are pretty cool but should be kept to a minimum on a business website. Your visitors are interested in your products and services and too many graphics and movement can be distracting if not an outright turn-off. I recommend you kept the animation to a minimum. Below are three animated logos we designed.

animated ts logo

Turbo-Snail, LLC


The logo above is used a a marquee on the company's website. He is a frisky little snail.

rockford animated logo

spinning motorcycle engine

Mike's VTwin Engine Repairs

The lighthouse sits in the upper left hand corner
of their website.

Mike's animated logo only appears on the entry page to his website. A non-animated version appears on all the other pages.

Contact us to discuss your logo at webmaster@dpwenterprises.com

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