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A Domain Name Is Your Unique Identity On The Internet.

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What Does A Domain Name Do?
The domain name functions as an alias for the numerical IP (Internet Protocol) address assigned by your host provider.
Since people can remember names much better than numbers, a domain name helps visitors find your web site simply by entering the web name (e.g. www.dpwenterprises.com ) instead of a hard-to-remember IP address.

Why Do I Need A Domain Name?
For a business your domain name serves as your online brand and in a sense as your online business card. Many people don't realize the importance of having and then keeping their domain name until they lose it and realize that they have lost their unique online identity.

Can I Choose Any Domain Name?
In theory, you can register any domain name that is available. In practice, however, there are some restrictions. You should not register a name that you know to be the registered trademark, service mark, or copyrighted property of another company because it violates the copyright or patent laws of the United States and other countries.

How Should I Choose A Domain Name?
There are some basic guidelines for choosing a good domain name. A good domain name should:

  • Be relevant to your business - the domain name clothes4men.com would be more recognizable then clothingthedude.com but both are relevant to a men's clothing store. Just remember that if the reference is too subtle, the customers might not understand it.

  • Be easy to remember - would you remember it accurately if you heard it on the radio?

  • Be easy to spell - if you were to register a name such as clothes4men.com, you might want to buy both clothes4men.com and clothesformen.com. Then have your hosting company set it up so that both names point to your web site so potential customers will end up at your site no matter how they type in your domain name. Spelling becomes even more of an issue with international clients.

  • Register as .com if at all possible - the .com extension is universally recognized and remembered and is the default extension for most web browsers. That means if I just type in clothes4men in the address bar of my web browser, it will automatically add the .com extension. The other extensions are all right, it's just the .com is better for the times when people are just remembering the domain name.

What About Using Hyphens In A Domain Name?
There are many opinions about using hyphens. Some search engines rank sites more highly if your domain name contains keywords, for example in our clothes4men.com domain we might want to us the keywords: clothes and men. Without the hyphen, you lose the benefit of key words for the domain name. But you can include them in the keywords Meta tag in the home page's HTML code.

Basically, what it comes down to is that search engines like hyphens, but for short name like clothes4men, humans prefer the name without hyphens, but for long names like the name of this domain ecommerce-reference-desk.com, hyphens are more readable for both humans and search engines. (Would you really prefer having to type the name ecommercereferencedesk.com?)

How Can I find Out If A Domain Name Is Available?
To search for a domain name, simply type the name our domain name search box. Within seconds you will know if your selection is available! 
Click Here to see if your domain name is available.

How Much Does A Domain Name Cost?
$15 per year for the .com, .net and .org extensions. Other extensions may or may not cost more.

What If I Misspell My Domain Name?
Unfortunately, once a domain name has been registered, it cannot be changed. Please type your domain name carefully when registering it.

What Happens When My Domain Name Expires?
You will always have the option of renewing your domain name before it expires. We have an auto-renew feature that sends you an e-mail giving you the option to renew 30 days before your domain name expires.

Can I Change The Owner Associated With My Domain Name?
Yes, you can change the owner.

Is My Domain Contact Information Available To Others?
Your domain contact information is available to anyone who performs a whois search on the Internet. This rule is set by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) who is responsible for overseeing all domain registrars.
You can hide this information but there is an additional fee for this service. Why would you want to hide the name of your business?

Where Can I Registrar A Domain Name?
You can register your domain name through us. Click Here to check availability and to register your domain name.
WE provide resigration through domain.com who is regulated by ICAAN and you may see who they are by clicking here Also, there is a new process for verifying who owns a domain using the whois service that you can review by clicking here.

Click Here to read the domain name frequently asked questions. Click Here for pricing information.

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