Who Said, "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words?





The author of that statement is unknown. But whoever it was was "Right On!" Graphics and colors are what make your website different and interesting. The nature of your website will determine whether you use graphics and what kind and how many are appropriate. Used properly, they can set the mood for your customers to either buy your product, signup for your mailing list or contact you for a quote.

You can tell us what you want or give us a rough pencil sketch and we'll create it for you. We offer the following graphic-design services.

Logo Design

I can design a custom logo that reflects the personality of your business. Something that is unique and easily remembered.

Other Graphics Here are some other examples of graphics I have created

Web Site Design

Every business is unique but there are some similarities in what certain types of business need in a website so we will design a website that is right for your business.
Banners and Buttons Banners are one of the most common forms of advertising used on websites and in HTML email advertising. Buttons can be used to enhance your website or draw attention to a special sale item or anything else you might want to promote. Both banners and buttons can have hyperlinks that direct your visitor to where you want them to go next. We can create both static and animated banners and buttons.
Slide Shows Slide shows can be used to display several images one at a time automatically. A slide show is a great way to show happy customers enjoying your service or to showcase examples of your work.
Other Graphic Design If you ask for something I don't do, I will get one of the graphic artists we know to do it for you. It is my goal to provide the services you want or need so I will negotiate on your behalf to get you a fair price for the work you want done. Contact Me for pricing and information.


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