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Our servers are mainly located at a data center in the same building as companies like Concentric, Carrier1 and on the same floor as companies like Abovenet, INS, Level3 and many more. The data center is backed by Cliff Stanford (former demon) and is now a public company.


The data center is connected to a 2-Megawatt power supply that has more than enough power to light up a large stadium ten times over. Backing that up are dedicated UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) systems plus two further diverse mains supplies with circuit breaker protection, and an on-site generator in the unlikely event of long-term power outages.

The data center has a high-security system that includes 24 x 7 monitoring by on-site personnel, video camera surveillance and a security breach alarm


High-quality infrastructure includes

State of the art gas-based fire protection system and early warning specialized heat & smoke sensors.

Our connection to Carrier 1

Our connection to AboveNet

Equipment used in network infrastructure of Data Center

Cisco 7206VXR core router
NPE300 (Network Proc. Engine)
256MB / 16MB RAM
Power 280W

Link to Cisco information

Routers are used to connect
and manage IP traffic between
Internet connections. There is
redundant power supplies for
maximum security. The data center connections to Concentric and Carrier1 is
connected via ethernet cable.
There is no leased lines since
we are connected straight on
to the backbones. We are in
other words protected from
mad excavators digging up roads.

Supervisor Engine IIG
Supervisor Engine

Latest 10/100 mbit linecard WS-X5234-RJ45

Cisco 5505 switches
32MB / 8MB / 512K RAM
Power 376W

Link to Cisco information

Switches are used to connect
computers in the same network
or local networks. The data center uses a Cisco
5505 with the latest line card that
supports QoS (Quality of Service)
and WRED (Weighted Random Early
Detection) to ensure optimal
performance and protection
against runaway servers.
We have redundant power supplies
for maximum security. All ports
are running 100mbit full duplex
(200mbit).The switch is connected to a Cisco 7204 router via ISL encapsulation via a VLAN trunk. Naturally, there is a Cisco 5000 standing by as a backup.

Cisco 2924XL switches
3.2 Gbps switching fabric
Power 70W

Link to Cisco information

The data center use 2924XL switches to
concentrate the switch ports.
These are fully managed
switches that can be configured
for individual needs. All connections
to servers are running 100mbit full
duplex (200mbit).

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