What's More Effective, A Static Banner
Or An Animated One?





Banners and buttons can spice up your website and allow more individual customization and another opportunity to express your site "personality". Both banners and buttons can either static or animated and can have hyperlinks added to them to take anyone who clicks on it wherever you want them to go.

Banners are used for a lot of web advertising. If you plan to use them, you need to create them. We create both static and dynamic banners for our customers.

As for which is better: static or animated? Check out the examples below and you decide.

Banner Examples

Need Web Hosting?
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This is a banner I designed for my company. While it is pretty cool to watch the text bounce back and forth, it can become very annoying very quickly to someone actually trying the read the content of a page. So I created the smaller static banner below and this is the one I actually use to promote the site.

Need Web Hosting?
Plans Starting at $29.95/year

static banner

The client wanted this banner in both a static and dynamic format. In actual use, both banners had hyperlinks that took you to the company's website if you clicked anywhere on the banner. As you can see, a dynamic banner can provide more information in the same amount space. Unlike the banner above, the movement here is much more subtle but will still get the visitors attention and is less likely to annoy someone enough that they will click away.

dynamic banner

A customer used the banner below to promote a free web cast.

dynamic banner

This one is promoting a sale package

Static Buttons

Static buttons can make your site more visually appealing without adding any unnecessary overhead. Drag the mouse over the "Home" and "Careers". This simple effect can be easily added to a static button.

email button
book button
text graphic

Animated Buttons

The button below is fairly simple and will draw attention to a new product. Just don't over do it to the point that it becomes annoying to your visitors.

new fire button

An animated button will draw the visitors attention but I still don't recommend it for a business web site. This button was used by a car dealership to promote a contest for a few weeks. He said it was very effective, but, personally, I find the flashing to be annoying and wouldn't recommend using something like this for long periods of time.

animated viper button


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