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Do It Yourself – Basic Hand Tools

One of the most common questions asked by the do it yourself beginner is, “What is the basic set of tools that any do it yourself homeowner really needs?”

The answers can be extremely varied depending on who they asked. I’ve seen everything from a basic tool kit with pliers and screw drivers to lists containing table saws and routers. Obviously theses are the two extremes. My guess is that each of these individuals are taking from some personal experience where they needed a tool they didn’t have available. It isn’t fun looking for tools at 11 pm in most parts of the world. The stores are usually closed and most friends are asleep.

The one thing everyone agrees on is that cheap tools are just that…CHEAP…and a total waste of money. There are some really nice basic tools kit for around $60 dollars but they are only for basic home repairs and not sufficient for a serious project. These are frequently advertised as “Women’s” tool kits because they are so basic.

For more advance home repair and remodeling the basic tools will cost somewhere between $200-1,000. Craftsman, Klein, Stanley, Black & Decker make decent quality reasonable priced hand tools for home owners. Stanlye makes good crewdrivers, pliers and vise grips. Craftsman wrenched, pry bars, levels and other metal tools are good. Both Craftsman and Black & Decker power tools are decent for the occasional repair job, but I would go with Dewalt if planning any major remodeling. They make better and more dependable sabre, jig, reciprocating and circular saws.

Professionals need better quality hand tools such as Craftsman Professional, Snap-on, Dewalt, Bosch, etc.

See Necessary Hand Tools for a list of what I consider the basics.

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