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This site will be dedicated to the idea of people helping people.

This site is the result of a series of radio programmes that described women breast cancer patients who had to go to Dublin for treatment. Unfortunately, none of these women had relatives in Dublin and they resided about 150 miles away from Dublin. So, they had to get at least two or three different public transport connections and finally arrive in Dublin-knowing no one and frequently having booked a room in a Bed & Breakfast establishment.

They would have to get a taxi or a bus to the Treatment Centre and then come back again alone to where they were staying. Usually very sick and away from their friends etc. The plight of these women touched the founder's heart with all of the emotions you can expect. At that point, Brian decided he could make a difference if he could do something about it.

Convinced that many people have a willingness to help, he realized that someone would need to coordinate things by putting people in touch with each other. That is the purpose of this website. To let individuals volunteer to help and then put them in touch with people who need their help.


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